Stock photgraphy


We began our stock photography adventure in 2012 and we can proudly say that we’re now one of the biggest stock photography companies in Poland and in the world. Our portfolio on Fotolia has over 90 thousand photos (and still counting!). We specialize in interior design and photography. We often use designer furniture and stylish accessories to make sure that the sets we build in our studio follow current trends. However, we don’t stop at interior photography. We also do model photoshoots, where the emphasis is placed on conveying emotions and various themes. We cover difficult social issues as well as more lifestyle, business or medical topics. That is why our photographs earn recognition all over the world.


This is a pretty typical question for us. So here it is. Stock photography means that we sell licenses to our photos to other people, who can use them in advertising, graphic design, press, on the Internet etc.
Customers buy our photos through stock agencies sometimes called “photo banks.” Microstock websites act like giant, virtual warehouses where customers from all over the world can browse through photographs and choose the ones that suit their needs.